V International Scientific
and Technical Conference

May 19-21, 2021
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Due to the changing SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic situation, the Organizing Committee of the MPSU Conference decided to change the date of the MPSU Conference to 19-21.05.2021 and the type of the conference to the online conference. These change result from the growing probability of maintaining a temporary ban on organizing events associating larger groups of people without maintaining strict precautions.

We encourage you to participate in the Conference in May, as part of the already paid conference fees. If you would like to change the papers to be presented or add new ones, please contact the Organizing Committee. We are able to add a few more presentations in the program, so we also like to invite for the Conference people who, for various reasons, would not be able to attend the Conference in March 2020.

Organizing Commitee
of the 5th International Scientific and Technical Conference
Modern Power Systems and Units

Conference organizer

Association for the Education of Specialists in Construction of Energy Machines and Devices

Centre for Scientific Research Excellence Cracow University of Technology

Conference Partners

Committe on Thermodynamics and Combustion of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Power Engineering Problems Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Sustainable Process Integration Laboratory, Brno University of Technology

MPEC Kraków S.A.


Media patronage

Conference topics

The aim of the conference is to present the results of scientific research, exchange of technical ideas, building a platform for cooperation between the scientific community and the industry.

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1. Fuels and energy sources
gasification of fuels
co-firing of biomass and gaseous fuels
economy and waste management
incineration of municipal waste
renewable energy sources
nuclear energy
2. Thermal energetics
energy systems
conventional power plants
nuclear technologies
transmission of heat, gas and hot fuels
power machines and equipment
failure rate and diagnostics of machinery and energy management
mathematical modeling in power engineering
3. Energy use
rationalization of energy consumption
intelligent energy systems
the use of microgeneration
4. Economic, ecological, social and legal aspects of energy conversion
macroeconomic forecasts for economic development and energy demand
costs of obtaining energy and its supply
market systems in the energy sector
establishing and approving tariffs
market investment methods in power generation and transmission
the impact of energy on the environment
development of energy systems in market conditions

Important dates

Abstract submission:25.04.2021
Acceptance of abstracts:28.04.2021
Sending full papers:03.05.2021
Deadline for fee payment:09.05.2021

Conference fees

Fee for full participation:1200 PLN
Fee for doctoral student:1000 PLN
The conference fee includes participation in the conference and the electronic version of conference materials. As part of the conference fee, it is possible to present one article.

We cordially invite you to participate in the Conference!

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