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24-26 maja 2023
24-26 maja 2023
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Whither the Energy Transition?

Jan Kiciński
Institute of Fluid-flow Machinery Polish Academy of Science


Humanity is being forced to alter how we use energy sources, to move away from fossil fuels and focus instead on renewable, especially solar energy. This transformation may prove to be the long sought-after “holy grail” of energy. Today, we have enough scientific evidence to take it as a proven fact that the ongoing rapid changes to the Earth’s climate, which pose a danger to our civilization, are in large part due to the high emissions and low efficiency of the energy sector. Both the energy sector and climate neutrality are no longer merely problems for politicians, businesspeople, and scientists, but have become challenges faced by humanity itself. The main message of this article, as encapsulated in these introductory remarks, is that a decisive transition from traditional large-scale fossil fuel-based energy generation to renewable energy-based distributed generation is very clearly inevitable in the long run.


Prof. Jan Kiciński, D.Sc., Eng. Corresponding Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Director of the Institute of Fluid- Flow Machinery, Head of the Distributed Energy Department, Doctor Honoris Causa of University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn.

Most significant achievements: 1 – Developing ideas and implementation of new technologies for small-scale and distributed power generation, including especially CHP – ORC technologies intended for the municipal Autonomous Energy Regions. Awards obtained in this area: Prime Minister’s Award of First Degree for the scientific and technical developments, "Forbes Diamonds", "Business Gazelle" and "Quality of the Year 2013" (in the Science category). 2 – Developing ideas and implementation of technologies for model agro-energy complexes, new solutions for the micro- turbine being the component of the Domestic CHP Power Plant. Awards and achievements in this area: National Energy Globe Award, (the most prestigious, internationally recognized environmental award obtained in the contest conducted under patronage of UNESCO in cooperation of UNEP), successful candidate in the APOLLO Statuette competition, awarded for his outstanding contributions to RES and Eco-Energy development, successful candidate in the Green Phoenix Statuette competition, awarded for his scientific achievements in the field of eco-energetics, SIEMENS Research Award, authorship of internationally recognized monograph: J. Kiciński, Rotordynamics and J. Kiciński, P. Chaja, Climate Change, Human Impact and Green Energy Transformation, Springer.
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